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Written by Sarkis Dallakian   

I'm excited to have a book chapter on PyRx published in a book from Springer Publishing titled “Chemical Biology – Methods and Protocols”. I'm very thankful to editors for the opportunity to publish this work and they did a great job in compiling and editing this book. See the Table of Contents that includes many interesting methods and protocols used in modern Chemical Biology. In particular, Small-Molecule Library Screening by Docking with PyRx describes utilization of this essential software tool for the field of chemical biology and highlights key considerations and strategies for performing molecular docking.


Virtual molecular screening is used to dock small-molecule libraries to a macromolecule in order to find lead compounds with desired biological function. This in silico method is well known for its application in computer-aided drug design. This chapter describes how to perform small-molecule virtual screening by docking with PyRx, which is open-source software with an intuitive user interface that runs on all major operating systems (Linux, Windows, and Mac OS). Specific steps for using PyRx, as well as considerations for data preparation, docking, and data analysis, are also described.

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